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Data Protection Policy
Last updated: May 25th, 2018
  1. General Information
  2. When visiting Myflightrefund.com and applying for our service, data related to your use of the website and our service is collected, processed and stored. It is a priority of Myflightrefund.com, that your data is handled professionally and in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

    On this page you can read about what type of information we collect, with what purpose and how the data is being processed. You will also find information on how to gain insight and object to data collected about you.
  3. What information do we collect?
    When you file a claim on Myflightrefund.com, subscribe to a newsletter, or in other ways make an inquiry, we will ask for information about you which is necessary for us to process your inquiry. Depending on the stages your claim for compensation will go through, we may ask for information such as:

    • Name
    • Address
    • Phone number
    • E-mail
    • Booking number
    • Travel plan
    • Power of Attorney
    • Photo ID – still required by a few airlines
    • Bank details – only in connection with a payout of compensation
  4. Why do we collect personal data?
  5. The data we receive from you will be used for the exclusive purpose to file a claim with the respective airline, to obtain compensation for you and your fellow passengers, if any. Besides your contact information, the remaining data is required by the airlines, national transportation authorities, lawyers, and national courts in order to process your case.

    Without providing us with the information mentioned above, we may not be able to process your case, and hence it is not possible to enter into a contract with us for the provision of our service. We will ask you for as little information as possible, while still enabling us to win your case.
  6. How is your data being processed?
  7. Your data will be processed on the basis of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), getting into force on 25 May 2018. We demand adherence to these rules by all our partners, e.g. lawyers, with which we cooperate to provide our service.

    Data about you will only be stored in our secure IT-systems and files as long as it is necessary to process your case. When your case is completed, the data will be stored for an additional period of 12 months. Hereafter, most of our records about your case will be deleted. However, some data about your case will be anonymized in a way, so it cannot be used to identify your person, and retained for statistical purposes.
  8. Forwarding of data to third parties
  9. In order to help you claim compensation, your data may be forwarded to - and processed by - the concerned airline(s), national transportation authorities, our lawyers, and national courts.

    Myflightrefund.com will not forward your personal data to any third parties, unless it is one of the parties mentioned above or one of our partners that help us provide our service. These partners include Trustpilot, who help us collect feedback from our clients and Mailchimp, who help us forward relevant information to users who subscribe to a newsletter. For these services you can unsubscribe and have your personal data deleted at any time.
  10. Data processing in other countries
  11. We will only send your data to another country if this becomes necessary to process your case. This would be limited to EU member states and other countries trusted by the EU Commission such as Norway and Switzerland.

    We will not send your data to a country that is labelled by the EU to be unsafe with regard to data protection, unless special and legally binding guarantees are given. Without such guarantees, we will not transfer your data to such potentially unsafe destinations without asking you for an additional, explicit permission for doing so; and in this case, we are obliged to inform you about the risks that are attached to such a transfer in advance.
  12. Information and objection to data collection
  13. You have the right to receive information about your own personal data. If the data we store about you is incorrect or in any way misleading, you can demand that we rectify such data or delete it.

    It is possible to request information and portability of your data, object to the processing or withdraw your consent at any time. This should be done by writing to: info@myflightrefund.com. Such a demand will include that we will inform our partners as well.

    If you withdraw your consent or have your data deleted before your case is completed, you may be liable to pay costs in accordance with Myflightrefund.com’s Terms and Conditions.

    In case, you want to raise an objection against Myflightrefund.com’s handling of your personal data or the handling of your request for information, you can lodge a complaint to the relevant supervisory authority. In UK this is the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).
  14. Contact
  15. Myflightrefund.com is a part of the Danish company Flyforsinkelse.dk with headquarters in Valby, Denmark. The company can be contacted in the following ways:
Data Protection Officer (DPO): Valeriy Shchetko
Phone: +44 8000 418 115
Kemp House
152-160 City Road
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